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Archived news December 13, 2013
Posted by: Newcomer156 at 1:55 PM            Edited: December 13, 2013, 2:19 PM

Minecraft Server Address:



We have set up a TeamSpeak 3 server. and there is no password. Feel free to join! Click to Connect!


Wondering why you can't log in to the server?

To all the players who do not have official, paid Minecraft accounts: we have recently turned online mode on in an effort to increase the security and reduce griefing on our server. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Re stylized the Website!

Redid the styling on the website, added a separate page for your account settings. More small style changes are coming to the site soon!

Forgot Password

Implemented a new system that will give you a new password and send you your username in an email for users who have forgotten their usernames/passwords. The link is on the login page.


Waiting for Minecraft 1.2

We are waiting for Bukkitcraft and our plugins to update to 1.2, in the meantime, we are playing vanilla Minecraft on a different map.

A Few Enhancements...

Updated layout of profile pages and added "latest forum posts" to the profile page. You can now edit your posts on the Forums.

Added a Forums

Added forums! Guests to the site can view the forums and topics but cannot post. Normal users can post new threads and make new posts. Admins can create and remove forums and pin and lock threads. Going to add more features for the forums in the future like the ability to edit your posts. Post any bugs & glitches in the Bugs & Glitches forum Here.

Added more profile info

Added more profile info! Unfortunately, this requires you to recreate your account, as all accounts have been deleted. Your messages are saved, so as long as you use the exact same username, your messages will still be in your inbox. Good news is that a forums is in progress!

Added Message system

Added a new message system!

New Website!

Did a major overhaul of the StormForge Website! Now has an account system with admins being able to edit pages through the website. You can create an account, but you are not able to do much without an admin account at the moment. Adding a messaging system and may add a forums to the website later.